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The Mountain Thread Company and rope baskets

Posted by Theresa Black on

I fell in love with Blowing Rock, North Carolina a couple years ago when I purchased a spool of rope on a whim from a little quilt shop up in the mountain. The Mountain Thread Company is the most aesthetically pleasing teeniest shop stuffed with fabric and rope and quilts and baskets. I absolutely love it there!

I bought this spool of cotton rope (which the store owner Katherine designed specifically for making rope baskets) as well as my first Rifle Paper Co fabric! I couldn't wait to go home and sew up my own baskets. I made some tiny ones first, in a set of three to make it even cuter!

I currently use my tiny baskets to hold things on my sewing table: the littlest one holds extra sewing machine feet and spare chalk. The medium one holds wonder clips. And the biggest one holds stray threads and tiny fabric scraps.

If you're wondering how to make your own baskets, Katherine from The Mountain Thread Company made very detailed videos explaining how to make them! You can click the link below to find them:

I used different color threads that I had just bits of left on the spool, and leftover bobbins. I coordinated the thread with the fabric scraps, and I made a purplish basket, a pink/yellow/orange basket, and a bluish basket. A zigzag stitch is used to hold the rope together, so you get to see a lot of the thread, which makes the baskets super pretty!

I will definitely be going back to Blowing Rock soon. This time was with my little sister and we had such a good time walking around. We had coffee and an English lunch.

Have you ever been to Blowing Rock, NC? What shops do you suggest I visit on my next trip?

Someday soon I'll write about my fabric haul from this little shop, my first ever Rifle Paper Co fabric, the shopping trip that started the love affair and the reason I even have an online shop to this day!


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