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Waxed canvas backpack with embroidered details and Rifle Paper Co fabric lining

Posted by Theresa Black on

What's the perfect combination of rugged and dainty? Waxed canvas!
It's tough, water resistant, and has wrinkled good looks. It comes in gorgeous colors, coordinates with antique brass metal pieces, and looks great embroidered!
I made this backpack with the most durable waxed canvas fabric from A.L. Frances Textiles on Etsy. The 10oz weight is easy enough to sew through and thick enough to last a very long time. It's hand-waxed in Texas with beeswax and it even smells a little bit like honey! Mmmmmm.
Flatlay of honey-colored waxed canvas backpack, laptop, Rifle Paper Co fabric pencil pouch, and mini wallet
The most luscious florals mesh divinely with the saturated waxed canvas. I take my backpack with me every day, and one of my favorite places to go is local coffee shops. I hope more coffee shops open up soon (#pandemicproblems) but thankfully the weather is warming up and I can find places to sit outside with my coffee and homework. 
The corner of the backpack is visible through the handle of an out-of-focus glass coffee mug filled with a cappuccino
If sewing a bag you can take with you everywhere is something you want to do, keep an eye out! I'll be writing a post about sewing with waxed canvas soon.


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